Systems Engineering Concept®

Sys­tems Engi­neer­ing Con­cept® pro­vi­des prac­ti­cal hands-on met­hods and tools, that enab­le com­pa­nies to meet today’s glo­bal busi­ness chal­len­ges through a sys­te­ma­tic approa­ch to devel­op­ment of sys­tem design.[1]

Sys­tem-ori­ented mind­set and com­mon language

We belie­ve that a sys­tem-ori­ented mind­set is the key to effec­ti­ve high-qua­li­ty design. This means that any tech­ni­cal design can be treated as a sys­tem and sup­ported by well-known prin­cip­les for sys­tems engi­neer­ing and mana­ge­ment. Achie­ving this mind­set is depen­dent on having a com­mon lan­gua­ge across mana­ge­ment and tech­ni­cal disci­pli­nes; a lan­gua­ge that crea­tes an unam­bi­guous under­stan­ding of the sys­tem design from idea to ope­ra­tion. This is what the Sys­tems Engi­neer­ing Con­cept (SEC) provides.

Gra­du­al maturing of sys­tem requirements

SEC is desig­ned to hand­le non-perfect sce­na­rios in any design disci­pline by three means: (1) Cap­turing of non-perfect require­ments in sys­tem break­down struc­tu­res. (2) Incre­men­tal devel­op­ment loops in a spi­ral model to gra­dual­ly matu­re the sys­tem design and inte­gra­tion, with con­ti­nuous sys­tem inte­gra­tion, stake­hol­der vali­da­tion and design review. (3) A ste­pwise and con­trolled accu­mu­la­tion of docu­men­ta­tion based on incre­men­tal loops in the spi­ral model.

SEC sup­ports devel­op­ment of tech­ni­cal sys­tems of any kind, ensu­ring a gra­du­al maturing of the sys­tem require­ments and its design, with con­ti­nuous stake­hol­der involve­ment and sys­tem inte­gra­tion checks.


SEC is based on selected inter­na­tio­nal sys­tems engi­neer­ing prin­cip­les com­bined with met­hods from ISO & IEC stan­dards and Euro­pean norms. This enab­les your orga­niza­tion to coope­ra­te based on high-qua­li­ty infor­ma­tion throug­hout the sys­tem life cycle, making it pos­sib­le to ensure on-time delive­ry of pro­jects wit­hin the bud­get, and with qua­li­ty under abso­lute control.

Sup­por­ting exis­ting processes

SEC is desig­ned so that is can be tailored to meet and sup­port exis­ting proces­ses wit­hin your com­pany. SEC will sup­port and strengt­hen exis­ting pro­ject mana­ge­ment proces­ses and orga­ni­sa­tio­nal arran­ge­ments with prac­ti­cal hand-on met­hods in exe­cution of design devel­op­ment, wit­hout con­flic­ting instructions.

[1] The Sys­tems Engi­neer­ing Con­cept logo is a registe­red trade­mark of Sys­tems Engi­neer­ing A/S.